About Us

We Are

Bonum LED lights - the name itself defines technologies in lighting.

Bonum Offers the most advanced technologies in its LED lighting range with a perfect combination of pricing of quality and services to impact its value.

Our lighting ranges are widely applicable in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Architechtural applications. We have taken benfits from current Technology. Whilst persistently planning for improvements to provide a maximum light output from LEDs.

In the changing pace from traditional CFL to energy efficient LEDs. Bonum is committed to bring new innovations in the future of LED lighting, which not only change the lifestyle but will change lightstyle of its consumers.

Bonum is dedicated towards manufacturing of innovative, next generation LED lighting solutions that improve quality of light, efficient and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption.

We are unique and will remain to be focused on values and sustainability.

Mission Possible

Our mission is to serve the increasing demand for energy sufficient, sustainable and smart control lighting solutions, whilst delivering the superior value to our customers on a consistent basis.The commitment infuses us to drive continuous development and improvement in our products and process to carry out rising demand for quality, energy efficient, eco-friendly lighing solutions.

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